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Because of the breath of the subject, there are a wealth of articles available on all aspects of Data Science and the challenge is to find those which address your specific areas of interest or help to advance your knowledge or understanding. Below you will find some resources that I have found valuable in directing and prioritising some of my areas of Data Science study and introducing specific technical topics.

Data Science Learning Paths

How to think like a data scientist to become one Karolis Urbonas (Amazon), March 2017

An encouraging article that identifies the core skills to develop in pursuit of a career as a Data Scientist

The Long Road To Become a Big Data Scientist - Infographic Mark van Rijmenam, Swami Chandrasekaran (Datafloq), July 2017

This gives a helicopter view of the diversity of big Data Science skills. Don't be overwhelmed by the number of threads.

How to become a Data Scientist – brief answerGregory Piatetsky, April 2015

Learning Path for Developers & IT Professionals to become a Data Scientist Kunal Jain, May 2016

The most comprehensive Data Science learning plan for 2017 NSS, January 2017

How to Learn Deep Learning (when you’re not a computer science PhD) Rachel Thomas, April 2017

How to Become a Data Scientist – Part 1 Alec Smith, August 2016

4 easy steps to becoming a data scientist Vincent Granville, November 2014