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When working with new software technologies it can be a challenge to remember key commands particularly when working with more than one product at a time. Even as a seasoned developer you will find yourself referring to reference books or performing internet searches to find specific commands, functions or procedures. Fortunately, some kindly people have invested time in documenting the common commands on notes referred to as 'Cheat Sheets'. Below you will find a collection gathered from various sources which you may find useful and help accelerate your understanding and application of each technology.

Cheat Sheets

Glossary of common Machine Learning, Statistics and Data Science terms Analytics Vidhya

Top 28 Cheat Sheets for Machine Learning, Data Science, Probability, SQL & Big Data Swati Kashyap, February 2017

Visual Vocabulary
Basic R Programming
Advanced R Programming
Azure Machine Learning Algorithms
Python Numpy (Dataquest)
Python Numpy Basics (Datacamp)
Octave Quick Reference
MATLAB/GNU Octave Quick Ref
Data Analysis with Pandas
Python Basics
Python Matplotlib (Datacamp)
Python Pandas (Datacamp)
Python Basics (Datacamp)
R Markdown
R Data Management
Stata Data Analysis
Tensorflow (Altoros)
Jupyter Notebook